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Exective/Close Protetion

Executive & Close Protection

Strategic Security Solutions understands the complex logistics and protection required of the ultra and high net worth clientele. Our agents have prior SOF Military experience and are graduated of accredited protection programs such as ESI, Gavin DeBecker, and La Sorsa among other highly respected institutes. This base level of training ensures Executive Protection team members, leaders, and drivers to operate tailored to clients needs. Our teams are also able to integrate into a supplemental position for a standing team.

Corporate Protection Services

Corporate Protection Services

Strategic Security Solutions is proud to offer a wide range of corporate security services. Whether you require an in house Corporate Security Supervisor, or a suit and tie professional to match your corporate atmosphere, SSS can adapt to your service needs with credentialed and experienced agents. 


Employee/Hostile Termination Support

No employer comes to the decision to terminate an employee easily. This can happen for a myriad of reasons. But the greatest concern is the safe continued operation of the business whether this need comes out of legitimate concern for immediate safety or an abundance of precaution for a risk of violence or outburst. Strategic Security Solutions is here to help facilitate a smooth transition.

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