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Strategic Security Solutions offers a wide range of security guard services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 
These services include:

  • Uniformed Security Guards

  • Armed / Unarmed Security Guards

  • Plain Clothes Protection

  • Employee Termination Services

  • Apartment and Gated Community Security

  • Fire Watch for Security/ Fire Suppression 

  • System Installation 

  • Construction Site Security


Armed Security Guards

Our Armed Guards service is the next echelon in Uniformed Guard support that we offer. Whether your service request has high dollar items or venues that need to be secured, or you would like an increased level of threat support from your security service we have you covered. 
Our agents are licensed through Denver, Colorado‘s Department of Excise & Licenses or their local state license service for our satellite locations. These agents have gone through our own in-house training and are kept current through quarterly training and advanced shooting schools.


Unarmed Security Guards

Strategic Security Solutions provides Unarmed Uniformed Security Guards for a wide range of services. Our uniform is approved by the City and County of Denver, the City of Colorado Springs, the City of Pueblo, and Tennessee for wear during private security details. We cover a wide scope of operations both overt static or roving agents, Fire-watch services for security and suppression system maintenance or install. As well as access control, liquor boundary control and all things in between.


Plainclothes Protection Services

We understand that some security requests may require a change of attire to fit your specific needs. Our agents are adept and able to facilitate plain clothes, business professional or casual, or a light tactical uniform request. These agents are able to work in an armed concealed carry capacity, unarmed, or our Denver-Approved Less Lethal Force Byrna deployable system with their licensing and training. 

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